Commissioned Portraits

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Original custom portraits of yourself, your loved one(s) or pet(s).
Graphite or watercolour are preferred but I am open to discussing media options.
I would love to create a portrait for you. Ideally, you would send me a high-quality image of the subject(s) as this will ensure a better quality outcome for your commissioned portrait. Feel free to contact me through this form and we can schedule a meeting to ensure you get exactly what you want out of the experience before you purchase. I especially love it when clients gift me a story about the subject(s) or tell me a little bit about them so that I can really feel into the piece as I create it for you.
I especially love creating empowering portraits of people so if you need a reminder of your power in times of need I would love to work with you to achieve that.
Turnaround will depend on the number of projects in my calendar but finished works should be delivered within 2-4 weeks of purchase. I will try to give an accurate estimated time of completion at the time of purchase.

Custom sizes are also available upon request. If there are multiple subjects we can discuss options and prices.

Customer Reviews

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Commissioned Protraits

Exceptional work done. I asked for a piece to protray my friend's true identity and served as a reminder to showcase her resilience and strength.
Many thanks again Avery....we both loved the work done!

So true to the original image - breathtaking piece of art

I had the opportunity to connect with Avery to commission a very special portrait. She worked from a decent quality photo. The goal was to create a realistic to life graphite of Mother and son. Avery took this on so professionally and sensitively. She knew it was imperative to get it just right and did so. When I went to pick up the portrait I was moved to tears. She had captured the love between these two so beautifully. The gift was received with appreciation and is cherished as a tangible piece of this beautiful relationship between Mother and son. I am so grateful to Avery for her talent and care throughout this commission. I would recommend her to anyone! Kim