About me

My name is Avery and I am a mixed media artist living in Guelph, Ontario. I graduated from the University of Guelph in 2016 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I have always had an interest in helping people and an ever-growing love of creative expression.

I am currently a student at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, training to become a professional art therapist and psychotherapist. This has allowed me the opportunity to explore the many ways in which creative expression can help, from the inherent therapeutic nature of art to using art as a tool or a resource. Basically, I really love art and think it has a way of holding things that can be difficult to express in words.  
I have always loved portraiture of any kind; capturing the little things that make us unique and beautiful. When it comes to my commissioned portraits, I love being gifted a story from the client. This gives me an opportunity to really feel into the piece as I create it: capturing the love between two people or the cheeky, playful grin of a child with a lot of personality.

For my own work, I am often inspired by people, animals and nature as well as the interconnectedness of these things. I like to use art to integrate lessons and teachings and to embody or meditate on qualities about the subject I admire or the symbolic meanings represented by the plants or animals. Art for me is as much about the process as it is about the outcome. 

I would love to capture your portrait in a way that empowers you or your loved one(s). My favourite part about the process is sharing the art with the client and seeing the happiness and the presence that it can bring. Whether it is a commissioned portrait, a print or an original, my hope is that my art will bring something meaningful to your space.